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Menyewakan Peralatan Kegiatan Outdoor

Petualang Tenda menyediakan peralatan kegiatan outdoor: tenda, flysheet,  sleeping bag, sleepmock, dll yang bisa disewa  oleh institusi maupun personal dengan harga yang terjangkau.

Daftar Peralatan

Petualang Tenda
Tenda Kemping
Kapasitas 4 orang
Sleeping bag
Jarak 2 Km
Walkie Talkie
Jarak 2 Km
Colors in a Girl
Web Design
Fresh Imperio Theme
Wordpress / Photoshop
Paper Packaging
by GraphicBurger
Business Card
Illustrator / Photoshop
Paper And Coffee Cup
Mockup / Photoshop
Floating Desk
Personal project
Book Cover
Pagination / InDesign
Outline Ribbon
iDevices Mockup
Web Design / APP Development
Sleeping bag
Jarak 2 Km
Sleeping bag
Jarak 2 Km

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